Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Canning Spinach Attempt #2

If yall are following my spinach saga...I tried canning another batch of spinach.

This time I blanched it for 10 mins and then crammed as much spinach as I could in the jar and poked around with a butter knife A LOT to make sure all the air was out and filled the water up to the brim before sealing. 

And still, not good......... 

Im really getting angry at myself here. 

I have to wonder whats taking all my water away? It is at a higher level than my first attempt tho, so I must be getting somewhere.... Is it that Im not blanching it long enough? 

I think ill blanch it longer next time and not cram it so full and fill it with water as I did with these. 


Anyone got any other ideas as to whats going on here? 


  1. You may be pressure canning it too long. This can boil the water over the top and keep the seal from sealing in the canner. Ten to 20 min is the longest you need, however, contact your local count agent and make sure he confirms this.

  2. Have you tried fermenting it? Lots of info on web, but cabbage has its own yeast and I think spinach would be the same. Anyway, cram it forcefully into a jar, hammer it in hard and the juices will release. Fill it to an inch from the top and add water and perhaps some salt to kill any unfriendly wild yeasts. IIt should ferment in a couple of days. If not add some whey to the next batch (make it by letting full cream milk go sour, then hang it in a muslin bag over a bowl to collect the whey. This is said to be lactose-free. That's what I do anyway. Then refrigerate.

  3. When you took the jars out of the canner, was the water still clear? Or is it a tad green? When the timer goes off, are you letting the pressure go down to zero naturally?

    Detailing your process would make it possible for more experienced canners to give constructive feedback.