Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello there!

My name is Melissa and I wanted to start this blog to talk about crafty stuff, (mostly knitting, but I'm unbiased) gardening, (mostly veggies, but again, not biased) cooking, canning/preserving....and well whatever else we take a notion to talk about..
I could use LOADS of help developing this site. Its seriously under construction so any and all suggestions would be more than welcome!!

I live with my son and wonderful husband on some acreage in the middle of BFE Missouri. I also have 2 daughters, one of which is in the United States Air Force(22), and the other is too young to figure out what she wants yet...(19) We grow corn, beans, kids and chickens.

Wanna be my friend?



  1. Here's a hint I've picked up from being on the 'Net for about half my life--assign nicknames to people. There's some really creepy people out floating about.

    I've met a few, and a few have probably thought I was one.

  2. Ha! I have a picture of this field with the kids planted between beans and some sort of topiary that looks like chickens.