Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Which one???

As y'all know from this post, Im making Sara a shawl.

Here's what I have so far.........

I have done a couple of the repeats and at the point in the leaf, you have to do a double decrease. Well I dont like how she writes it, all of them one direction, so, Im changing it. I just can't decide which one to change it I come to you guys.

In each of these pics, I've circled the area in question for no attention to my photo shop skills......
(or lack thereof). click on the picks to embiggin.

Option one: 
double decrease slanting to the right for the left side of the spine,(k2togtbl, return st to left needle and pass next st over) and to the left for the right side of the spine.(sk2p) This will make the leaves sorta look at each other. And each leaf is defined.  

Option two:
Center Double Decrease for all of them. This will make the leaves just point down, and the "spine" of each leaf wont be defined. It will just kinda blend in with the rest of the shawl.

My dilemma: Im not sure if the goal was to make the leaves defined or im just wondering what looks the best. What I do know is that both sides don't need to be going the same direction. That's just the anal knitter coming out in me. 

 So whatcha think? 

I got some peekers....

do you see the ones peeking out? (hubbs said to title this
picture  "plant life on moon" lol)

And I promise these taller bean plants weren't here yesterday. I swear I could just grab a lawn chair, a dr pepper, settle in and watch these things grow!

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