Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time Stamp....

Last night, hubs told me to let the boy do the discing he needed done, and that he thinks he would do fine with it.

So, reluctantly, I let him.

My son has been driving tractors since he'd been brought home from the hospital. (with help of course) Now, Im used to him driving a tractor by himself, but this is the first time he has had an implement on and driving it, much less a disc! Much less WITHOUT DADDY STANDING HERE!!! (can we say heart attack??)

So in honor of this event, and to have this documented somewhere in his history, I made a video.

I think its so important to have some sort of document, ie: picture, video, receipt, written down somewhere, ect...just SOMETHING that documents what happened at any given monument in their lives. I say this because when I went thro my parents stuff after their passing, it would have been great if there would have been time stamps on stuff to let me know at least when this event took place or when they got ________.
So after having to wonder about my parents stuff, I decided that I was going to put at least dates on everything and if I could, put where/who/how I got whatever it was so that I wouldnt be putting my children thro the same thing.

I decided also, I was going to do the same for my son for when he grows up and looks back on stuff, so he can both remember, and watch a video/look at pictures/read his history.

So for now, I present to you this particular time stamp in my sons life.

Because Im so stinkin proud of him, and want to share this, check out the video.

Looks like a regular ol' farmer don't he?? lol 

Do you guys "time stamp" your stuff? And do you document your kids' lives for them to look at when they get older?

Just sayin...........

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