Tuesday, January 31, 2012

There's a bear driving that car!!

Its very odd that my eye tends to gravitate towards car/tractor stuff since my 8yo son is totally into cars/tractors. And my husband is totally a major enabler since he's into the same stuff.

Naa, not so odd, is it? 

Seriously, my husband bought this boy a real Allis Chalmers "C" before he was born! And was on a tractor with daddy a few days after he came home. Not to mention, now, has a whole fleet of toy tractors of many different makes and models. (Heres a few)This year for Christmas, my son received a subscription to "Hot Rod" magazine! And has just about every "Hot Wheel" car made.  Conversation at the supper table/evening time with daddy, is to say the least, interesting. Listening to the two of them talking, is like hearing a conversation between two men down at the co-op. I thought I still had a few years to go before these sort of conversations happen. But I guess my son is an early bloomer.

But I digress, hes a boy, and Im outnumbered cuz both my daughters have grown up and flown the coop. So, if I wanna get any points with my son, I have to take the "If you cant beat em, join em" attitude.

So, when I see stuff like this.....

...I hop on it like a freight train. Yea, its a major bombardment of sugar, but thats ok every once in a while. And he's still a boy, and therefore loves this sort of stuff.....still. Not sure what Im gonna do to get points when he gets older, but for now, I got him.
I found the recipe to make these awesome, car loving, blasts of sugar, over on Pintrest and couldnt wait to try it!
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Its Tiny Teddy cars recipe, from KidSpot, and heres the stuff ya need.....

The "fun size" chocolate bars~ I found a six pack of milky ways and Snickers for a dollar at Wal-Mart. So thats what we are using. And he found a snickers bar in the candy dish. 

Teddy Grahams~ cut at the belly button

Smarties~ separated by color, (if that matters to ya) and in piles of 4 for the tires and 1 cut in half for the steering wheel. 

Semi-Sweet Bakers Chocolate(or whatever you got)~glue

At least one child and a willingness to get your kitchen dirty and have a blast.

Then you put them all together.......

Wheel Assembly

Steering Wheel/Driver Assembly

Let the "glue" cool, and you have a parade of cars, driven by teddy bears.

That one in the center there with a big glob of chocolate in front of the wheel? That big glob of chocolate is a "turbo charger" my son insisted this car have. So, by default of course, its the "lead car". 

Admittedly not as clean as the ones in the recipe pic, but my son and I had a blast making them, so they are absolutely gorgeous to me.....and Joe just earned an hour of art class. YAY. 


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