Saturday, January 21, 2012

Short Row Heels Japanese/German/Jo Jo/Yo Yo/Double Stitch

When a knitter utters the words "Short Row", some other knitters might shudder. But Im here to put a blankie on you because these short rows are easy!!

First is the Japanese Short Row.

The Easiest Way to do a Short Row Heel as explained by Kaity over at Kaity Knits... A Lot

Back when I started knitting socks and after I discovered I didn't want all that bulk on my toes and heels, this is the way I did all my short row toes and heels. 

But then I got an order for some knee high socks just recently, and went to do my toe and it looked horrible! Holes everywhere and just all around sloppy! After 3 attempts it still looked horrible...not at all what it used to look like on my previous socks. 

Weird. It worked very well up till now.....

So I went with the "maybe it just doesnt work for me anymore" and the "Its got to be the yarn" excuses and went to look for another way to short row. 

I found the German/Jo Jo/Yo Yo/Double stitch(man that has a lot of names, dont it??) way of doing it. You get somewhat the same results as the Japanese short row, but its even less bulky than the non-bulky  Japanese short row, and actually easier! 

Heres a quick pic of the test on worsted yarn.

Here it is on the toe of my sock.

But heres the link to tut on The Double-Stitch Short Row Heel – aka the “yo-yo” or “jo-jo” heel, plus a little dissection of the short row heel for ya! Good read! 

And here's 2 videos explaining what Tess said...

Part 1 of 2 DoubleStitch Short Row Heel.flv

Part 2 of 2, Double Stitch Short Row Heel.flv

However she's working so far from the camera, you can only get the general idea.

If anyone wants me to do a video on this method..please leave a comment. 

So here is all the links to stuff concerning the short rows that I case I forget them again. lol I hope yall get some use out of them too! 


ETA: I wrote another blog post on the heel pictured here

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