Sunday, January 22, 2012

German/Jo Jo/Yo Yo/Double Stitch toe/heel explored

As I mentioned in this post, I found a new way to do my short row heels!

It's called the "German/Jo Jo/Yo Yo/Double Stitch", I like it for it's somewhat stealth abilities, and its only a k2tog/p2tog thicker than the rest of the sock. which means I must perfect this method because I have a couple repeat customers with diabetic feet.
Diabetic feet + little to no seams in the sock= happy feet!

Being my anal crafty self, I like my toes and heels to match. So this method had to be modified for the toes. It's designed to work with heels because you have to put a straight row in between the action to separate them, which makes it look like a bent row of knitting. So you use your instep stitches for that.

This presented a problem when I modified it to work with my toes. I dont have instep stitches to use. So after all was said and done, the "middle" got 2 rows instead of one. Which makes things not so "stealthy" because the two rows on the outside of these middle ones are double thickness, which kinda sorta caves in the two middle rows.

I tried doing this method without any middle rows. It produces kind of points all along the seam where the two sides meet, like you would normally see in a short row, but its not gonna match the heel. Im still exploring that way tho, I may try doing it that way with both toes and heels.
(If any of you are soo kind and wanna go experiment, please come back and let me know your findings! Check out this post for links to TessKnits's tut and a couple videos on this method.)

But then again, I like the way this one just looks like a curved row of knitting. And if anyone knows me....I like stealthy knitting.

Im still working on it, but for this sock. I think it looks good.

Here it is on the toe of a sock.(sorry for the crappy pic. Hyper dog wants pet much more than letting me take a pic+freezing temps=this is the best your gonna

Check out the "seam". Its about as invisible as im gonna get 

Here it is on the heel.

Im not totally thrilled with this....Not on this sock, but Im gonna try this method without the center row of stitches.
Come back for updates! And please dont be shy on the comments!

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