Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY Brown/Powdered Sugars and a new section on my blog!

Im a DIY kind of gal...so when I ran across a link to make your own brown sugar, I thought it was amazing!! And then I wanted to find out if making your own powdered sugar would be just as amazing...
it is!

What do you need for these things?? (the links go to the original sites where I found this awesomeness)
Brown Sugar~ sugar and molasses
Powdered Sugar~ sugar and a blender

THATS IT. Holy crap.

Guess who's never buying either of these things again??

Think about all those times you passed up a recipe because it called for one of these things...or you decided to make a cake or cupcakes and forgot to get the frosting. (in case you dont have one, here's the recipe for buttercream frosting that I use)You dont have to worry about it anymore! Most of us have sugar at the ready in our kitchens, now you have all three with a little bit of work.

Anyway, this prompted me to add a section of links to DIY projects over there ---->
There's just the two there now, but I will be adding to the list as awesome DIY's come across my path.

Do yall have any you want to share with the class? Would love to hear them! Please provide a link.


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  1. Melissa, that is awesome!!!!! I never remember to buy power sugar. Do you know if it would work on cane sugar? I think I'll experiment. Then make something fabulous to icing it with. Or maybe I'll make a small bowl of icing to lick! LOL :D Thanks!