Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crochet Grafting

Is this technique heard of?? Cuz I couldnt find hide nor hair of anything about it on the net.

Pipe in "Crochet Grafting" in any ol search engine and see what you come up with. Go ahead........I'll wait.

You get a whole gooooooooogle full of knitting stuff. Which is great, but thats not what I was looking for.

So what did I do? I made one up. Yep, Yep.

Wikipedia says the definition of Grafting in knitting is: (because I couldnt find it in crochet)
In knitting, grafting is the joining of two knitted fabrics using yarn and a needle.
Lets replace the word "knitting" in that sentence with the word "crochet" and thats what we're talking about today.

Heres a shot of it on my latest doily. Wanna guess where it is?

You have to know your gonna graft when you start the project tho. Well, maybe. Depends on which one you want to do.
These are the swatches I made during the video(below) I didnt do any sewing in, sorry. They are both grafted pieces, one is just 2 colors to see where the graft is, and to see what it would look like on a granny or something. The other is grafted in one color to see that you umm....cant see it.

Theres this one.

It starts out with a chain, and then you work into the backs of the chain. When your done grafting, you will have this row of chains on the back along the graft line.

And then theres this one.

You start this one out, working your first row on the yarn tail. Which is very much in my opinion, a provisional start. This is the one I prefer......its virtually invisible. On both sides even! I like invisible in my crochet and knitting.

But both have their place! I can see using the first one on my granny squares. I always sew as I go anyway. And the other one I will use for applications like the first picture of my doily up there.

Heres more details on how its done, what do you think? (I cant get the video to upload here so here is the link on youtube:

It really isnt all that hard. I hope I didnt make it seem so. Please let me know what you think? 


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