Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls tonight!! YAY! 

I make a crapload of these and then freeze them in bags of 4 to put in hubby's lunch. By the time he's ready to eat lunch, they are thawed and ready to eat. Throw a couple pieces of fruit in lunch box and hes good to go.

That is of course, depending on how hungry the boys are at suppertime......LOL

I was asked to share the recipe, sooo here ya go! Please understand that these are approximate amounts of all the ingredients, I am a visual cook. I will be more accurate next time I cook this and add the correct amounts. I will also take more pictures and add them.

Here is the recipe to make this yumminess for yourself.

When you get up in the morning, or approximately 5ish hours before you want to prepare your rolls, you will need to put out some "Rhodes" frozen dinner rolls to rise. Or whatever brand you want to use. I used to make them myself, but I only do that on rare occasions anymore.

For the stuffing, you will need:

1 1/2lbs of Hamburger/1/2lb sausage mixture.

1 whole large onion cut chunky

3 tbs of greek seasoning.

2 tbs of paprika

parsley chopped

(I suggest you play around with seasonings. And then come back and share so I can try them too!)

Put all that stuff above in a really big pan and cook it. You will need the bigness later. 

In the meantime....turn the oven on 350sh, clean and cut your cabbage into large chunks, about 1 inch pieces. 
Once your meat mixture is cooked, put the cabbage in and stir.(this is where the bigness comes in) Once the cabbage has cooked down, cook just a little bit longer to let flavors mix up.

Turn burner off and get you a place close by to start to fill these rolls and get you a big cookie sheet out.

Put a pile of flour down and then take one risen roll and put it on the flour and flatten it, flip it, pick it up and stretch it out on all sides. (sorry I cant describe it better....just visualize a pizza man throwing the dough up in the air and it stretching out....LOLOL) 

Place a bit of mixture in the center of your flattened roll and bring up the roll around the filling on all sides. Squeeze the edges of the roll together around the filling and put the roll, squeezed side down on the cookie sheet. 

Continue with remaining rolls and bake in a 350ish oven for 20ish mins or until golden brown. Be careful because the flour will deceive you as to how brown they are. 

When you take them out, brush them with melted butter and serve. A nice salad goes well with these. 

I KNOW this would be better with pictures to help explain, and I will add pictures next time I cook these. I hope you understand the recipe tho....if yall have any questions...just ask.


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