Friday, June 15, 2012

TSM Stainless Steel 5-Tray Dehydrator Model D5~~ Unboxing

YAY! Lookie what I got today!!

Yep I got two boxes! LOL But hold on....lets find out whats IN those boxes.

Im just trying to do an exciting build up....did it work??

Mr. H and I have been researching dehydrators for a few months now trying to figure out which one to get. We went thro a few different brands and cussed and discussed our two top pics and decided on this one.

Here were my requirements:
It must have a timer.
It needs to be square with a fan in the back for more even airflow.

Here were Mr. H's requirements:
It must last a long damn time. Which means it needs to be stainless steel to prevent rusting, and I'm sure there were other mechanical baloney he was looking for that I don't know about. Hence the reason I sent him on this search. lol

One thing we agreed upon was that it must be made in the good ol' US of A.

Whats in these boxes is the....

TSM Stainless Steel 5-Tray Dehydrator Model D5~ This is a TSM product and is a division of The Sausage Maker Inc. 

This is the unboxing of this dehydrator. I went looking for one of these for this brand/model and couldn't find I'm gonna put one out there. Here we go! Click on any of the pictures to embiggin. 

Options selected were: 
Stainless 1/4-inch Holes

We bought one non stick drying sheet and one stainless steel solid sheet tray to try them out and see if I wanted more. I'm planning on drying wet stuff so I thought I would need them. We will see tho.

Opening of the boxes: 

The other box had my drying sheet and solid tray in it. 

When we dig into the box a bit more, we find......

Ok the stuff you see on the top of the dehydrator is a mirror image of, embarrassingly, my ceiling. Seriously, this thing is a mirror. 

Aside from the embarrassing parts that had nothing to do with the company......
This thing is packed very well to avoid any damage at. all. Let's take it out of the box. 

That white package that's laying up against the dehydrator is the shelving....the dehydrator was sitting on them. Some assembly required. LOL

Now for a view of the inside. 

The way you get the door open is to slide it up and off. My son is holding it for me to take a shot of it. That's his arm. 
But straight out of the box, this is what it looks like inside. 

And then you take those shelves laying on the side of the box in picture 3 and place them inside and these are what you place your shelves on. 

And slide your shelves right in..........

Put your handle on, plug it in, and your dehydrator is ready to use! And getting it to this point took no time at all...(unless you're taking pictures along the way.) And super simple! 

The literature that comes with it is an operating manual and included in the manual is Food Drying Guides for fruit, veggies, and jerky. It also has a couple paragraphs on "Food Storage", "Reconstitution", and "Cleaning the unit". 

Good, cuz one thing I can see I'm gonna have problems with is keeping it clean. Just unboxing it left an amazing amount of fingerprints on it. Meh....its alright, I can handle it. This gives me a reason to knit a cozy for it!!! LOL 

I do wish they would have put a book or at least a leaflet dedicated to dehydrating foods. I will be looking for one now.

First up in this dehydrator is onions. Lets see how this works.......


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