Friday, June 3, 2011

Still working on it!

I have been doing some research by looking at other blogs and got some ideas as to what to do with mine.

One thing I wanted to do is get my patterns on here and make them available to you guys through here. The way some others were doing it was to just make a post about each pattern. So I am going to do that. So get ready for some pattern posts!!

Unless of course, y'all have a better idea! I kinda wanted just a list on the side of my there a way to do that?

While im asking questions....what would yall like to see for my next post?

Is there a knitting technique that y'all would love to see explained?

Im planning on doing a running theme about "Whats on my Needles". Maybe once a week.



  1. How about some knit along? A blog is just the place to post little pieces of knitting over a long time. Just as good: a surprise shawl!

  2. Considering I dont have many followers. Im not thinking a KAL would work at this point. maybe later. and what is a surprise shawl?