Monday, June 6, 2011

The Mystery Row

We got some carrots and second planting of spinach planted today, oh and yanno that pile of seeds that fall out of their packages into the bottom of whatever container you put your seeds in?

Yea, I got one.......

click the pic to see the seeds better

Any guesses as to what these seeds are?? Im thinking possibly some turnips and the big white ones are some sort of melon. 

But what do you do with your mystery seeds? 

You plant them of course! And then you get the "Mystery Row". It will be interesting to see what these actually turn out to be. 
The boy thinks this is just cool. He has dubbed this "his row". Yea we will see how long it takes him to give it back when weeds start coming up. He said this while I was reminding him about weeds: "These are old seeds so they prob won't come up anyway." He's too smart for an 8yo. 

I harvested 4 heads of lettuce today! Yes hubbs, I said "heads". (He said they wouldnt head in our climate.....)


Ive already separated and cleaned 3 heads. Im gonna leave the other one for later but they sure do look good!! Does anyone have a good recipe for wilted lettuce salad? What do yall do with your lettuce? 

Im thinking some chef salad for supper tonight! 

And on the knitting front............

Yall should check out this post by indigirl on picking up stitches....and then bookmark it for future reference like I did. Very good stuff, this post.


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