Monday, June 20, 2011

Blackberries are Sneaky!!

On the west side of our corn field you normally see this.

No biggie. Its just grass, weeds and brush. We walk by this every night on our walks. Never took a second look at it till tonight, when this caught my eye. (click on any pic to embiggin)

WHAT?!?! We have blackberries???? Who knew? 

As it turns out, hubbs did. He said hes known about these since we bought the place. 

Great. You couldn't have told me about this? 

I went to looking more after seeing those berries on the fence, and saw this....

and further down the road theres more! 

As it turns out, they are all up and down the road and on up along the south side of the field as well! Hubbs said they have never been as dominate as they are this year, and the fact that im inattentive they havent been as dense before this year is probably why I haven't ever noticed them before. 

Ok! I'll go with that! 

But in my defense, check out how sneaky these things are.....

Heres that patch with the grass pulled back....

See! Its not my fault that I've walked by these things every evening all summer for the last 4 summers and didn't see them...

And that's my story, and I'm stickin to it!! 

Speaking of "stickin"....after hearing/saying the word "Ouch" 498 times, we came up with this....

There probably would have been more if I could have stopped the boy from eating more than he put in the bag. 
We will be going back every night with a bucket and gloves, and scouring the grounds for ripe ones till there isn't any more....but until then, my boys want a pie. 

Now to find a recipe. Anyone got one? Can I make some jelly/jam with this stuff? 

Off to look in my books and ask my friend google for some answers. I look forward to learning more about this plant and recipes made from the fruit from it. Looks like imma have a bunch blackberries from now on.  If anyone has any tips for these plants, please let me know!! 

Ive been doing some knitting. I was over at Hooked on Needles and Mary Grace has been crocheting up some seriously awesome washcloths for her shop...that gave me an idea to knit some for my shop. So Ive been knitting some washcloths at night when its cooler and I cant do anything outside, and everyone is asleep. Ill take some pics when I have the set done. 


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  1. yup can make jam out of these and lots more. Just planted mine so I have a long long way to go.