Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Spinach SUCCESS!!!


Well, I guess it only took me 3 tries....I guess its true what they say about the whole "3rd times a charm" thing.

ANYWAY....check this out!

I just realized looking at this pic, that I'm using one of my vintage jars. That one over on the far left.
 Shows  you how observant I am...geezzzz

This was the last of 3 pickings off of a 50' row of Bloomsdale, Long Standing spinach seeds. Don't they look AWESOME!?! This time, I mashed everything to the side and then filled it up with water. I know it dont make a lick of sense, but it worked!! lol 

Now I have learned how to can spinach! GO ME!! Now, I can concentrate on eating it. Or fighting my son for it...actually, I think there's enough in a quart jar to go around...really. And there's a whole lot more to can, so I think were good. 

On another note: 

I went away for a few days this past week and of course took my knitting with me, and got the washcloths done Ive been telling you about. 

They can be snatched up in my etsy store. Or if ya want, I can make you some of your very own. Just tell me what color and how many and I'll hook you up! These things are great for shower gifts! Put some homemade soaps or something or other with it and your set!! The giftee will love it! 

I also brought my niece over to the dark side and started her out on some knitting stuff....If she keeps her interest, she will be a natural. (like her aunt!! lol) Unfortunately, I live so far away, I can't be there for her when she has any questions. But I have confidence in her....hopefully I can help over the phone and with vids and the book she has.
I hope to see some scarves out of her very



  1. Question on the Spinich: how long at what pressure, Im having the same problems with canning spinich.

    1. Hello!

      You pressure cook them at 10lbs for 90 mins. Check out this post for more....

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