Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maylea = FO!!

I've got my Maylea done finally!

I've done three of these things and the reason I've only done three, is because I don't want to do four.

Don't get me wrong. I love it! It's beautiful! But a girl can only take so many times doing the same thing. For me at least. (except for hexipuffs of course...there are exceptions to that rule)

So this was my last one. This time, while I was grafting, I took some pictures for those of you who are using the grafting option.

This is what it looked like during grafting...well, almost done with grafting.

A tip for grafting: Rearrange the first three and the last three stitches on both sides to where the middle stitch becomes the first stitch and last stitch respectively, and then do a knit kitchener on those stitches. 

Clear as mud?

Which is what Im about to do here.....

Here it is done with grafting, and at the adjusting stage. 

And after adjusting, ready to sew in the ends and be blocked.

Im very happy with the results! Im still amazed that I actually designed such's some morning after pics.

Which of the next 2 pics do yall like for the pattern page?

Heres the graft in the daylight. 

But seriously folks. Its not a hard scarf. In fact, you should hop right on over to Ralvery, and get you the pattern. Then post pics in your project pages when your done with it! Or, if your not on Ravelry, you can get it here on this site!! cool huh?

 Its just after three of them, I'm done.

One WIP turned into a FO. NEXT! (this also gives me more time for hexipuffing!!! YAY!)


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  1. I think I'm in love... I would love to knit that for my MIL