Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Kitchener Stitch

These words strike fear in many a knitter.

But its not really skeery...Its really a very useful and very awesome technique to have in your tool belt!!

say this to yourself as your doing it...
front~knit off~purl on through
back~purl off~knit on through

I made a video about how I do the kitchener to add to the billion other videos out there about the kitchener stitch.

Check it out and when your done watching, comment with how you liked/disliked the video. Please be very candid because Im trying to improve my video skillz...

Anyone know why I have a black box around my video??

I want to add to the video, there is a better way of dealing with the ear than just hiding it like I did in the video. 

Thank you to Treetracker, who led me to a discussion on this very subject! 

What you do is, take the beginning stitch, and pull it up and over the next one. Repeat for the back needle and your down by 2 stitches.
Now just do your kitchener like I showed you all the way up to the last two stitches, and take the last stitch and pull it up and over the 2nd to last stitch, repeat for the back needle and your down by 2 more stitches. 
Finish your kitchener, and you dont have an ear anymore....YAY!! 

If need be, I will redo the video to include this. I may redo it anyway, some folks have said, my hands are too far away from the camera. 

And if anyone is interested in other techniques....please let me know!! I got a new video camera, I wanna play!! 


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  1. Thank you for this demonstration, I've finally got it! As long as I sing to myself knit off purl on through, purl off knit on through, then I'm good. Clear precise explanation and demonstration, just perfect.