Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So who wants some free yarn??? 
Check this story out and then the details are after it. 

Proof that engineers cant help themselves.
I casually mentioned to my husband that I needed to figure out where I was gonna put my hexipuffs when I couldnt get anymore into the basket im using to store them now. Between my son and my husband(the engineer), they were fighting over how many hexipuffs would fit into said basket.
My 8yo son shouted out a number and my husband, quietly went and got a piece of paper, pencil and a tape measure and commenced to measuring stuff and writing a whole bunch of numbers down……MATH….(eww)
Now, each of them have a piece of paper at the bottom of my basket with an estimate of how many hexipuffs will fit in the basket.

I told this story on the Beekeepers Quilt KAL thread and they gave me an idea!! 

I'll make this a game and give away some yarn!! Free yarn always makes folks come runnin. It would me! 

Especially this.....

This is Zia. 
110yds/4oz of 100% Egyptian Cotton 
Color: Safari Z125

How do you get your hands on one of these?? 

Just leave me a comment with the amount of hexipuffs you think will go into the basket up to the wood traveling all around the inside at the top. 

Please make sure you leave me your email addy so I can get a hold of you. And if you have a blog, PLEASE leave me a link so I may visit my neighbors!! And I would be honored if you add me to your lists of blogs to read.

The folks on Ralvery that responded to my post on this, already have your names with your guesses, in the basket. 

It would be awesome if you followed me too! I do have a couple of useful words occasionally. 

When I make enough hexipuffs to fill that basket up, Ill count them and.......

The one that hits it right on the money or the closest to the amount, will get 2 of these skeins. 
The three runners up, will get one of these skeins. 

Pretty cool huh? 

Now, please remember, its gonna take a while for me to get this basket filled up. But when I do...the yarn will be sent out!! 

You can see how many I have done by watching that counter over there on the right side of the blog. And be sure to get your hexipuff gear!! 

Good Luck!!!! 


  1. I guess 97! :) My email is serensoreya at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the fun giveaway game!


  2. I'm going to take a stab and say 107. :)

    These little devils are so addicting! I'm home for the summer and am trying to find all the sock-weight yarn I have at my parents' (it's not going so well) and I've started dipping into my 'good' yarn -- that is, I've frogged the beginnings of a shawl just to make a hexipuff!

    Good luck and thanks for the cool contest! :D

    P.S.: My email is lukin.bri atgmaildotcom

  3. This totally made me giggle! How cute! I'm going to go with..... 132. :)

  4. cool!! following you from the tok thread..id have to say 162 ...raineoc@yahoo.com

  5. Random stab - 123. But what a groovy idea. :D

  6. 145... beautiful yarn in your giveaway !!!



  7. I say 105. My email is samysteelheadswife@yahoo.com

  8. 110. my e-mail address is phillikm at gmail dot com

  9. WOW WHAT PRETTY YARN I am guessing 178

  10. I'm going with 149 :-) Cause I reckon Mr 8 will squish when no one is looking (I have a Mr 13 and I KNOW he would LOL.

    nzlyn2 on Ravelry

  11. Lovely yarn! I will guess at 98.
    Kirsty x

  12. I just saw this over on the Rav thread and clicked over to see if you'd posted on your blog yet.

    My guess is 132 . . . and I've added your blog to my Google Reader :)

  13. Oh my! My guess is 185. I will add you to my reading list.

  14. Love this game Melissa.

    My guess is 130 hexipuffs

  15. I shall guess... 226.

  16. So much fun! I guess 113. I'll enjoy watching this basket fill up with pretty colors!

  17. Hopefully no one has said 117 yet..u will heap em a bit at the top, right? Hoping "dad" is based on a "flat top"finish!! xD

  18. I am going to go with 97....just for kicks...

  19. Engineers must stick together. I'm siding with the engineer. 75 hexipuffs to the bottom of the wood rim.

  20. I've been enjoying your blog! I'm going to give a guess of 119. sunshinenmysoul3 (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. 92. im guessing that dad will be close, but also not account for the fact that since the puffs stuffed are thicker in the center and they wont be placed ever so perfectly like math accounts for, there will be little pockets of space left over.

  22. What a fun challenge! My guess is 93 hexipuffs will fit in the basket.

    alchemystitchery (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Okay Melissa, you suckered me in. I would have said 402 cause it's my lucky number but I think that's way too many. So I'll switch it around and say 204. Tell Joe to mash them down a bit for me!

    kgcrafter.... and you have my email!!!

  24. My guess is 157. This quilt looks like so much fun to make, but it seems like it will take forever!

    My email is sarabedara88@hotmail.com