Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm a Beekeeper!!!

No, not real bees.

Not even bees really.

I'm knitting their honeycombs. Check it out.

© tiny owl knits

Is that not the most awesome thing you've ever laid your knitterly eyes on? Its the Beekeepers Quilt ~ by tiny owl knits, and you can get the pattern here if your on Ralvery. If your not(GASP!), you can get it from her blog

I started on this a couple of days ago and because I can't leave anything alone, I had to modify these awesome little "hexipuffs". I got my notes on my Ralvery page if you want to see them. I don't care for the edging she put on there....but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. 

These things are like potato chips, you cant just make one in one sitting....they are addicting. They are incredibly portable too! A lot of the hexipuffers are making bags customized for travel with these things and finding the cuuutest bags on Etsy to use for these. 

I joined the KAL and it seems like this thing exploding!! Its great to see, and how awesome for the designer! 

I will be updating the "hexipuff" count all throughout the year. But for now, heres a pic of my lonely basket with only 2 hexipuffs in them. 

Sad isn't it? I will be making tons more buddys for these guys. Im estimating around 700 for the size quilt I want. (im gonna need a bigger basket) 

Here is a Hexipuff calculator. just pipe in the numbers and it tells you how many you will need!! neat huh? 

I would love it if yall joined me in this! Such and awesome way to get rid of your sock yarn stash. And and awesome way to justify a yummy yarn purchase! 

 Who's in? 

Thanks to FantasyFlyte from Ralvery, I got a pseudo hexipuff counter over there---->
I will be updating the counts as I make them!  

Whats your "hexipuff" count? 


I did some playing around and some comparing with some different techniques for these hexies and I did a blog post on my findings. You can check that out here


  1. I only have four so far. I knit part of another one but underestimated the yardage in that particular scrap, so it ended up as a toy for my corgi!

    I'm making a big one too, and since it takes me about an hour to make one puff, this is going to be a long project. :)

    Here's my first hexipuff show-and-tell post.

  2. So am I and I love it :-)
    I`ve knitted 25 hexipuffs so far.

  3. I'm still at 6 hexipuffs.
    I haven't made one in a few days, too busy with deadline projects! But I'll be back to 'puffing soon.