Friday, August 26, 2011

Color Challenged

I've been buying and trading yarn a lot lately for my hexis, and so I thought I would lay it all out again and see  what direction I need to go with if I trade again.

I have a crapload of variegated yarn and not very much solid. and not very happy colors in the solid. in fact…it all has a very “dark” feel to it. well most of it…I took a pic..albeit crappy…

I guess Im just thinking about it too much. This is supposed to be a random color quilt! But I cant help feel not happy with these color combos.  Tell me what yall think? Really, I need to hear opinions. 

If anyone wants to trade something with me that would be great!!! I'll take close up shots of anything you want.

And then Mary gave me a suggestion to put my yarn in a colorwheel...

Here's my bad attempt...still not sure. but it makes it easier to visualize. I wonder if I should just throw in the towel and just knit the stuff...LOL 

Heres an updated shot of my basket tho!! Im up to 19 hexis! And if you haven't yet, hop over to my post on Yummy Yarn Giveaway and enter to win some yarn!!! 

These are my faves so far!! I just LOVE those colors!! they arent as pretty here in the picture as they are in person tho!! 

How yall doin? Whats your hexi count? 

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