Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taming the Porcupine

Or if you prefer...Working with Double Pointed Needles.

When a knitter first starts out with DPN's, some frustration, fear, and possibly some pain comes along with it.

I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you its all wine and roses and it's not gonna be that way....Its inevitable. Sorry. It won't be that way for long if you keep at it, but its the start up that you have to endure. But the pay off is sooooo worth it!

But If I can help relieve some of that "start up", I'm gonna. Which is why I made 2 videos on the subject.

The main thing is, to make things comfortable for yourself. If a needle feels better laying in this direction or the other, move it! The knitting police wont come get you if your dpn's aren't laying in a certain direction. And don't let the project scare you either.



Knitting is supposed to be fun! Not a royal PAIN IN THE RUMP!!! (or in this case, hands, wrists, and fingers and possibly the chap who was in the way when you threw the whole mess!)

The problem I had with making the videos tho, is what to say to help! So these may be worthless as tits on a boar hog, but I tried.

So grab your needles, yarn, chocolate, glass of wine(or vice of choice) sit down and watch these videos, and maybe work along with me,(there is a pretty handy pause button) and let me know if they helped or not.

If they did? Please tell me that so I will feel better about things.
If they didn't? Please tell me that too, so I know how to improve.

Working with 4 DPN's

Working with 3 DPN's

Stay tuned for my series of videos on "Cast Ons" and if you have one in particular you would like to see demonstrated, please let me know.

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