Sunday, September 11, 2011

Double Knitting

More Knitting Magic to play with!!

I love this stuff. This is multitasking at its best here. Where else can you do both sides at the same time and make some cool stuff that mysteriously switches colors on the flip side??

Check out this stuff on my Lotus Bag. (but dont tell my SIL, this is her Christmas gift. Yall think the colors go together??)

This is the front side of the strap.

Hold on to something......this is amazing!!!

WHOA!! It completely flipped colors on the back side!! Or is this the front? Who can tell? Who cares??They are both stockenette!

Seriously, the potential here is just amazing! Don't be surprised if you see a pattern from me that includes double knitting in it in the future! (any suggestions?)

I made some videos to help out a bit. (Hopefully)

Casting on invisibly(sorta)

Doing double knitting

Some pretty cool edging

And the bind off that matches the cast on

Don't you just wanna go grab some random yarn and knit you some Double Knitting?? Here's a pattern to check out that uses double knitting and is a pretty good practice piece. I think a person needs to knit double knitting for a while to get a real good grip on how to hold the yarn and learn how to maintain tension.

This is very fun stuff to knit!! Yall should try it!

Im still working on my up to 30 now. I'm trying to hurry so yall don't forget me!!


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