Friday, September 23, 2011

The Worlds Most Expensive Ball Of Yarn

What is the worlds most expensive ball of yarn??

Is it this stuff?

Vicuna Yarn at $299.85 for 217 yards(!!!!)

Nope. I have the most expensive yarn in the world. 

Check it out......... 

The yarn you see in the picture cost a whopping $1020.00!!
For 191 yards.

What is it made of you ask??


Where did I get it and what drugs was I on when I bought it?? 

I got it at the feed store. sorta. No drugs...promise. 

It came off of my feed sacks. Feed sacks are sewn together with this stuff. When you open it you have 5'9" of perfectly good cotton thread. 

Ive been saving it for a while. I started saving it when I saw a pattern for some garden gloves in a Workbasket circa 1952. 

Back then, feed sacks, flour sacks, sugar sacks, ect, were made from heavy fabric(with designs on them) and used to sew dresses, aprons and other sewing projects and the string to sew these sacks together was saved for a variety of knitting/crocheting patterns. My MIL told me that she and some neighbors used to trade sacks so they could have enough of the same fabric to make a dress from. (would love some of yalls stories if you remember when they did this!!)

Now, these sacks are not made from fabric (sad isn't it?)but they still use string to sew the sacks together. This is where I got mine. But I don't have enough yet, so I'm gonna save some more string and then begin making the glove pattern. Im guessing these gloves would be seriously tough!! And Im buying the feed anyway, I might as well have something to show for it....

If yall are interested in the pattern. Let me know, and Ill type it out...I think the copyright is out on it...not sure tho. 

Pretty cool the stuff that went on "back then".......


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  1. hopekingsley@yahoo.comOctober 2, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    I can remember going to the feed store with Mom to pick out some sacks for school clothes. When I started school one bag of feed was enough for me a dress. She used plain white sacks for under panties. UgH!! The string was saved, some was crocheted to make a it stronger. Never made into gloves, great idea. It is difficult for me to threw away the string from our chix feed sacks.