Saturday, October 1, 2011

Potatoes for a Year

Some of you may remember my potatoes in this post back in the spring and how I was sooo proud of them!

Well, today, was the final potato harvest! YAY!! Now, we have potatoes for a year. Unless the boy hits a growth spurt and I have to start cooking for a small army.  

Harvest day for potatoes is a pain takes all of us to do this because we grow enough for the entire year, it would be a daunting task for just one person. 

And when I say all of us, Im including the WD too, it is after all, a part of this family! 

The implement we use to dig potatoes is called a "Potato Digger". 

There ain't no fluff about that name is there? I bet the people who named it spent all of a minute thinkin that one up. But hey, I like simplicity...todays world could use a whole lot more of it.....but thats another entire blog...

Anyway, the potato digger used to be a horse drawn implement until Mr. "I should have been born in the 1900's" got a hold of it. He got his handy dandy welder out and modified it and now it sits comfortably behind our beloved AC-WD, saving us days worth of work, not to mention weeks worth of back pain. 

The digger goes through a row of potatoes and pulls them up out of the ground, dirt and all, and deposits it all on this conveyor and the dirt falls through the conveyor and the potatoes get dropped off the back and back on the ground, but now they are on top of the ground where someone can come by and just pick them up. 

Here it is in action.... 


Pretty cool huh? It's pretty neat the stuff they made back then. Our dirt was cloddy but it was time to do it so we..umm...did it. 

Then we picked them up....

Took them to the cellar and put them downstairs. 

Now we have our potato shelves in our cellar filled up. When I need potatoes, I just go down to the cellar with a bucket and fill it up and put them in the house. Easy. 

Potatoes: DONE! 

On the knitting front: Im working on some Felted Clogs by Fiber Trends...I should be done with them tonight. Post about them tomorrow. (eta: heres the post) 


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