Sunday, October 2, 2011

Toe Warmers

So Im working on this list of Christmas gifts and my feet were cold. It was then that I realized my last pair of house shoes gave it up and I had to throw them away. 
I was gonna forget making me another pair and just wear socks till after I was done with the gifts when my friend Angela reminded me that I could not effectively knit, without a good pair of, I had to do it. I had to stop knitting Christmas gifts and knit me a pair of my favorite house shoes. 

The pattern is Felted Clogs (AC-33)

Heres my project page in Ralvery for them. 

I used Cascade 220 for these. I have used other felting wools, but the 220 works the best for me, price-wise and function. Admittedly, I have felted a pair of these with Cascades' Pastaza, and loved the results!! But it is a bit pricey for the yardage you get, so I'll stick with the 220. 
These are soooo comfy and even tho this is my 16th time making these, I will continue to have a pair on hand for me...and apparently my son, he's already put in an order for some blue and red ones, even tho, his John Deere ones I made him last year for his birthday, are still going strong!

I needed to felt these longer, but it worked. I even put his "model number" on the side like a real John Deere. It's wearing off too. I already bought the blue and red yarn to make him some. My arm was twisted. But I wanted to show you how well these things hold up even after a year! He wears them a lot too! 

I made a pair for just about everyone I know one Christmas cuz I thought the entire world needed a pair! I love these things so much.

Anyway, enough blabbing...on to the pictures!

The yarn is held double throughout and you make 2 soles per shoe, and put it all together.

Here they are when I was done with knitting and sewing them all together.

And just for reference.... I put them on here. Remember, when you felt something, it looses a bit of the original size. There's an average percentage of loss, depending on your blood type, the mpg your car gets, what you ate that day, your mood, ect, but I cant bring it to mind right at the moment.

And here they are on, after felting.....

And these will be my toe/feet warmers until I stumble upon some colors that would look really good together and just HAVE to make another pair, wear these to a pulp and make me a new pair.

Yall need to make you some of these! REALLY good house shoes!

Now, back to that list.....


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