Thursday, October 27, 2011

A more attractive crochet join

My mother taught me how to crochet when I was 7 and Ive been doing it ever since then, (among a whole host of other crafts) ...and joining rounds in Crochet has been ugly for the entire time Ive crocheted. I've been trying to fix it almost as long.

Until now.......

I have found a way to make the chain three join invisible!!! YAY!!

If you too can't stand the look of the chain joins, or for those of you that have avoided crocheting in the round because of this hideous part of it....can now pull your hooks out and crochet up a storm!!

I made a video on it. Please comment either here or on the YouTube page, your thoughts.

In other news..........

I finished a project that I was working on for a swap partner!! YAY! 

Here they are separated for a better view.........

This is Ripple Scarf in Merino 5 by the Susan Druding.

And these are, a modified version of Accidental Girly Mitts by craftyLis

I was concerned that they wouldn't match, cuz im anal like that...and they don't, but they will be ok. Yall think she will like them?? 

Im in a knitting/crafting frenzy right more FO's to show as they come!! 

What are yall making right now?? Whats on your needles/hooks/hands?



  1. Very innovative. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tutorial. I am coming back and work along with you. Does this work on granny square where the ch. 3 is called for in the corner? I would like if you have time to see the long DC and working with posts from front and back. I just don't get it. Thanks for this tutorial. Dorothy

  3. I'm back again, I keep on watching but am not getting it right cause I forget what you did by the time I get to my join. Could you upload this to you tube? Crocheters would just eat it up. I'm watching on my iPad, can't manage my computer anymore. I'm 80 and don't have the strength I once had. You do a great job.

  4. This is the best tutorial ever!
    I have searched the internet over, high and low to find an easy invisible join without cutting the yarn and this is the best. I only had to watch your video twice to memorize it!

    Thank you from the bottom of my crocheting heart!!!!

  5. Thank you for your comment! Im so glad it helped!! It does my crocheting heart good!!