Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pork Chops and Applesauce

I got my applesauce done yesterday. But before we get into the how-tos, a little entertainment.....

I LOVE the Brady Bunch!!! I wish it was still on the air, among other shows....but that's another blog entirely.....I'll spare you my wishful thinking.

Back to the applesauce.

This year the apples are HUGE!! Check them out next to a pop can.

This is actually a good thing, it means less cutting per batch. 

Ya gotta figure out how many apples is in a batch first...so ya gotta weigh them. 

Now, I dont have a proper scale, so this one sees a lot of action. Thats 2lbs in that scale!!! I need 6-7lbs per batch so we spent some time weighing and counting how many batches worth of apples we had so we knew how many ingredients we needed.

Then we got to washing and cutting.....

You need to quarter and core your apples, then put them in a pot with 4 cups water per batch, to boil and soften. Somewhere around 15ish mins. 

Then you take them out and run them thro a food mill of some sort. I'm using my Roma. Well, the child labor is....

The results of this is apple mush. You put it all back in the big pot and here's where you need your taste buds.

How much sugar you put in, depends on how sweet you like your applesauce, I used 1cup of sugar per batch this year, because I like tasting the apples more than the sugar. I have used up to 2 cups per batch though. It just depends on how sweet the apples are in that years harvest. You really have to taste every batch while your adding ingredients. Start out with the bare minimum, add from there. Throw in some cinnamon, taste it again, and when you've got it just right, bring it up to boiling, stirring a lot to keep from sticking. This is to dissolve the sugar, so after its brought to boiling, turn off the heat.

You now have applesauce!! GO YOU!!

Take it off the burner so it don't stick while your working with it, and put the applesauce in pints or quart jars. Around here, a pint of applesauce would last about 2 mins. As it is, a quart only lasts through one meal.

Then you put your flats and lids on, and put them in a water bath for 10 mins (both pints and quarts).

And on the other side of 10 minutes, you should have something like this........

Run to the freezer/store, grab you some pork chops and have you some.....

say it with me....



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