Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thats all folks!!

During canning season, life is a blur. There is time for nothing but the steady growing, tending, harvesting, and canning. There is no time to think or plan, you have to move automatically. You have to can from some instinct within you. Your life beyond preserving the years food, takes a distant second, and is only done when you have those rare moments when there isn't any work to do in the garden.

To some, given the current age of "convenience", this sounds like a complete useless waste of my time and efforts. "Why the hell cant you just run to the store and get what you need? It's a lot easier!" I hear this a lot! Mostly from folks who have never had the pleasure of looking at your plate at any given meal, and knowing every. single. thing. on it, is something you can look out your window and see where it came from, and know you worked right along side mother nature and the good Lord above to make sure it was right there for you and your family to enjoy, and be nourished from.

Given the current age of "convenience", this comforts me.

And then theres the fact that I want my children to actually know where their food comes from.
Hint: the "store" didn't make it.

I want them to know how to work and take care of the land and get out of it what they need, and put back what it needs. This is a concrete world and I want my kids to go out and make the most of it, don't get me wrong, but they need to know all about where we were before all this concrete took over. And how to get back there if they need to.

I say all that to say all this..................

The 2011 canning season is over.

Kind of bittersweet for me.

Im glad its over, cuz im friggin tired. I'm glad its over cuz this means we have food for the year. But I'm sad to see it go cuz outside is where I love to be working the ground and growing stuff.

But for now, we've tucked in our garden with straw, snug as a bug in a rug, for a long winters nap.
Thank you land, for providing for us this year!!

Sleep tight! 
Here is a shot of the cellar at the end of the 2011 canning season.

Directly across, are 3 shelves full of potatoes. Joe said he liked this picture cuz it was colorful! I like it cuz its peace of mind. 

I hope you guys had a great season!! I hope to see you guys again next year for more garden adventures!! Prob not so many canning posts tho. Sorry if ive bored you. But thank you for coming to share my adventures this year with us!! 

Now begins the knitting/crafting season! (and trying to get my Tupperware biz goin)Stay tuned for all kinds of nonsense about knitting or other crafts I come across...LOL Christmas gift posts coming up! And back to my HEXIPUFFING!!!!!  What are yall crafting for this year? 


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