Thursday, July 12, 2012

The cat is in the plant!!!

I've been hearing this phrase lately around here so I decided to do something about it.

I mean seriously, Its not like Ive never had a cat and didnt foresee this coming! I guess I was just putting it off thinking this cat wouldn't do that!

Yea, fat chance.

Anyway, for one of my plants, I had the boy make me a cardboard circle, complete with pretty coloring. He said it was a field of flowers...LOL And then I cut out the center and then a line all the way out so I could fit it in.

Its been working pretty good so far, except he gets his little paw in the center there and starts to pull out dirt, but he doesn't see this as a second bathroom, and he cant get too much out anyway. 

For my money tree, I decided to go a different route. I wanted purty. So I went out to my rock garden and got some medium sized rocks, tried to get some that had a section out of one of the sides so it would fit up against the trunk. Then I filled in the holes with some river rock and stuck my glass hummingbird in there that I got for Christmas(isnt that the most awesomist thing EVER?? side note: I LOVE all things hummingbird) and voila! I have a source of humidity and the cat wont get in it. And even if he does get the little ones out, he cant use this one as a second bathroom either. And if I hear it, I can get the spray bottle out and stop it. 

Hopefully eventually he will get the picture. Cuz I would like to keep this method, its purty don't you think? 

Im sure there are other bennies to using rocks, if you know, please fill me in! 


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