Friday, April 24, 2015

No Jog Garter Stitch for Paired Decreases

I'm doing the "Flare Blanket" by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
This blanket has color changes, is done in 100% garter stitch, in the round and decreases at 4 corners to obtain a square. That first corner is the subject of this blog post today!

Garter stitch Jogs! I know, they are annoying but for in the round garter stitch projects that have paired decreases on either side of the starting line, I have a solution.


See the section that I have circled? Its done how the pattern is written. And how all in the round garter stitch pieces are done. You switch between knit and purl to obtain the garter stitch pattern. Its decreases are staggered due to the nature of knitting in the round, your decreases are gonna be at the beginning and end of a row and so they are not level with each other like the other 3 corners are.
Not very pretty.

This made my OCD go crazy. I had to fix it.

So here's how I did it so in case I forget it over the period of time to make this blanket.

It is noteworthy to mention: The fact that there are decreases on both sides of the marker is key here and most likely wont work in projects that doesn't decrease in these same spots. YMMV

~On the knit rows: p2tog the first two stitches and switch to knit the rest of the row.
~On the purl rows: knit first two stitches and switch to purl for rest of the row in pattern.

Doing those two steps will give you the section where the arrows are in the above picture.

Pretty ain't it?

I may be back to chat about the color changes in garter stitch in the round.


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