Monday, July 29, 2013

Knitted Pinwheel Motif

Knitted Pinwheel Motif 

I was making this blanket when it was brought to my attention that there wasn't a pinwheel motif done by knitting it! So I had to take care of that situation, didn't I? 

Here is what I came up with. 
How stinkin cute!?! 

This hasn't been tested yet, but hopefully by the end of the day I should have a few knitters addicted done with these little cuties. They only take about 20 mins once you've done a few they will just fly off the needles!

If you are interested in testing this out for me, please let me know!

Here is the pattern:

Knitted Pinwheel Motif

You need a small amount of yarn, I used worsted here.

Im using a US 8 here but whatever size needle you want to use is good too. Just remember, the yarn and needle size will effect the final size of the motif. Play around with different sizes to get what you want or have a whole blanket of different size motifs by using different size yarn and needles! How fun!!

Special stitches:
bo1- pick up second stitch on left hand needle as if to purl and pull it over the first stitch on left hand needle and off. Knit the remaining stitch.

Cast on 6
Round 1- [yo, k1] 6 total times
Round 2- [yo, k2] 6 total times
Round 3- [yo kfb, bo1]6 total times
Round 4- [yo, kfb, k1, bo1]6 total times

Repeat round 4 increasing the number knit after the "kfb" in the repeat until that number hits 12 or you look at it and say thats big enough. :) My goal was 6". But it could be a good size blanket if you just keep going!

On your last round before bind off- cut out the yarn overs : [kfb, k1, bo1]6 total times
This will "taper" the swirls off to nothing and when you do one over the other bind off, it will look fabulous!!

Let me know if you have any questions. I would love pictures of this done!! PLEASE?

This one was done with a US8 and Plymoth Yarn Encore 

I will be making a blanket in colorbox colors from the knitted pinwheel motif for my son.  I will post pictures when Im done. 


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