Friday, December 7, 2012

Steering Wheel Cover (free pattern!)

Hubbs and I got a different car less than a month ago and its had to have some things fixed on it so I just got it back from the last thing getting fixed.

Meanwhile back at the crafting chair.....

I decided I wanted to yarn bomb my steering wheel. Well, it gets cold and well, hot. The yarn will act as a insulator. Besides, its my car, and I can. 

So I got my pattern books out and found one that I liked and then went stash diving and found some single skeins of yarn that told me they wanted to be the "chosen ones", and made this. 

My son was playing around with it and put it on as a scarf and I found it to be quite attractive as a doubled up infinity scarf! But alas, this was destined to be around my steering wheel.

So I took it to the car and put my new cover on the wheel.

Im not sure what happened to the colors here...
the pic above is more like the true colors 
Sewed it on....

And now, I have a handmade, purty wheel insulator from the cold/heat/dirt!! And added some much needed color inside my car. Now, I need to make something for the shifter.....


Steering Wheel Cover 

Please note: this was written down after the fact and in just a few mins. Im sure there are mistakes, things  could be written better, or things left out, however, Ive read this a couple times and THINK everything is there. Please dont hesitate to comment with a question or comment!

Please note 2: THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED! however, if you would like to make this all nice and officially perfect, I would love you for a thousand years! Just let me know your outcome, uncandid thoughts, and send me pics!

Worsted weight yarn: dont know the amount yet.
"G" hook

ch 13
Row 2- [sc, dc] across, ch1 turn 

Repeat row 2 for desired length. Switch up colors as desired. 

Note: after you have done a few rows, PLEASE take it out to your car and make sure it will go around the wheel from front to back. (clear as mud? anyone wanna word that better?)

Note: you will want a bit of stretching going on so, depending on the stitch pattern you use, how stretchy it is, stop about a couple of inches short of all the way around your wheel. 

Finishing: sew/graft the two ends together. Working one of the outside edges, using desired color, do one row of dc's all the way around, slip stitch to join and fasten off. Repeat for other side.

Put on your steering wheel and whip stitch it on!  



  1. If I had a brand new vehicle I would not need this but since I do NOT have a brand new vehicle, YES PLEASE do post a pattern and make an announcement on fb

    1. I have a brand new car, all leather and I live in south central California. I can't even touch my steering wheel if it's been parked in a shopping parking lot it's so hot! I will need this!!

  2. It's an excellent idea to measure the diameter of you wheel and the circumference of grip. If you do not have time for this thing, then you can simply note your car's make, production date and model.

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  4. I LOVE the story and commentary with this pattern! I think I'll use this one just because, I can!
    Thanks so much for the early morning humor. 😀😄

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  6. Do I have to sow it on? Or will it be loose if I don't? Because I wanna be able to take it off whenever

  7. I was wondering if you could make it a couple of stitches wider and then make the opening smaller and smaller and not sew shut. Think it would work?

    1. I dont think so. When I had mine on, it would slide a lot even with sewing it on, so sewing it on is essential.

    2. Thank you for the information.

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  11. What if you crocheted your first and last rounds around some thin elastic cord, that would eliminate the need to sew it on the steering wheel. And also make it easier to remove for washing.

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