Friday, September 21, 2012

Glove Blockers

I've been making a lot of Coraline gloves for customers and so I finally broke down and decided I was gonna get me some glove blockers....yea, right.

Have yall ever tried to find glove blockers? Here's what I found in the DIY catagory:

Heres instructions for making them out of rubber gloves, rice and duct tape.

Heres some using surgical gloves and tape

If you want to buy some already made, you can go here and get "Hand Blockers from Perrfectly Catchy Designs"

But since we have construction going on building a new porch, I thought I would look around to see what scrap we have laying around that could be put to good use. 

So I found some stuff, traced my hand and arm in case I wanted to make longer gloves someday, and got hubbs' jigsaw out and made these.

Yall wanna see something funny? Here is what I came up with.

The problem is, when I tried putting a glove on it, it was difficult to put on. It didnt dawn on me that when a real person puts a glove on, they close their fingers while getting them thro the cuff. I got it on there tho.

Which proves one thing;

All the tugging and pulling I did to get this glove on this wooden hand, I feel confident that the glove will go thro just about anything….LOL

I’m about to go and try this again with my fingers a bit closer together. Wish me luck.

Here is attempt #2.

I tried the glove on this one after I got it somewhat sanded, and it was much easier to put on. I think this one is a keeper.

One thing ive learned from this project….I have a weird hand. Or, I can’t use a jigsaw worth a crap. Prob both. 

Oh well, I have my blockers now! I just need to drill some holes randomly for ventilation. I may let hubbs do that later. The thing now is, I make a range of customers sizes, I have to wonder if I should make some in bigger and smaller sizes? hhmmm. Ill have to think on that.



  1. I have mitten blockers and the thumb is a separate piece. Maybe you can cut the fingers and it would be easier to use.

  2. I just bought some glove stretchers on ebay. I think they are designed for the likes of golfers to dry out their gloves after playing so they don't go all bumpy. I'm hoping this may be my answer to the same problem.